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Aircraft is acknowledged as the most straightforward route for transportation on the planet. It is constantly utilized as a real and useful transportation across urban communities and countries. Subsequently the impact of aeronautics well being on human life is fundamentally essential. It is likewise extremely essential to give a careful consideration and be mindful of any conditions that may influence the well being issue in the field of aeronautics. Since the past aircraft crashes, it is evident that numerous aircraft calamities have been happened inside distinctive circumstances and causes. Communication difficulties and errors have been considered as a major factor in aircraft crashes. Ricard has mentioned “Air Traffic Control Management service methods are principles of technologies which were launched in 1950’s. From 1950 the Air Traffic Control Management were using a simple swapping of voice among the Air Traffic Controller and pilot.” The most paramount components that could be included in correspondence failure are because of lapses including people. Hence, misconstruing, absence of imparting plans and absence of clearness in configuration briefs, innovation and association disappointments, are some of numerous issues in conveying inside the aviation field. Regardless of the imperativeness of the above issues in flight calamities, one issue which is normal in numerous aircraft catastrophes is an absence of imparting data and information. Therefore in this paper I have tried to talk about the communication in aviation which includes the importance of communication between the pilot and the Air Traffic Controller and other numerous interchanges alongside the connection where the safety issues are introduced and effects of misleading communication and recommendations for improvements.
Firstly. The importance of communication is that when the aircraft is service it needs to be guided step by step on every single movement or changes it goes through on its journey, if there is no one to guide the aircraft when it is in air then it is good as a flightless bird. During this journey of the aircraft from one destination to the other the worst scenario is expected as no one has clue of what could go wrong when. So at all times the aircraft has to feed the ground controllers with all the information and system changes that takes place to help maintain the aircraft safety. Now when the aircraft travel from one country to another then in order for the pilot or cockpit crew to communicate with that country Air Traffic controller it is impossible for the pilot to learn the respective language or the vice versa. If this was the case there will many difficulties and confusion in the communication so to avoid this it was identified that “English” will be used as the international language to facilitate the communication as it is a must that everyone has to learn this common language. Even when it has been established that communication between the pilot and ground or pilot and cockpit crew is important for the safety of the flight, they still fail to feed the correct or insufficient information while communicating, for example there was an incident where the aircraft was to land in the Miami airport and the it had two problems one was that it was losing its altitude and the other one was the nose gear light wouldn’t work, so the air traffic controller was aware of the elevation problem but not nose gear and the cockpit crew was aware of the nose gear problem but not losing the altitude so when the air traffic controller contacted the pilot all he asked was “How are things coming along out there?” and pilot replied “OK” both of them were referring to a different problems and in while the plane crashed in to the everglades. This is due to lack of information and knowledge.
Secondly. The effects of miscommunication, miscommunication could cause massive disaster of the aircraft, as the pilot will take decisions based on the information he receives from the air traffic controller and if the air traffic controller interprets wrong information then the pilot’s calculations will go wrong. There are many reasons for miscommunication, due to faulty in the equipments which is used to communicate or not conveying messages properly. When one party conveying message to another they do not ensure that if the message has been properly passed on or not. Misconception is a basic sort of correspondence lapse. As stated by Krivonos, “from the past disasters the reasons of numerous flight debacles are because of false impression or listening to wrong data. He likewise showed that typically much of the time, individuals hear what they hope to hear instead of what is really said; thusly this desire is not generally right. In this circumstance, it is accepted that when individuals make presumptions from their desires, they decipher the message from the genuine mean and what should listen.”
An alternate fault that could result in numerous mishaps and catastrophes is the off base verbal correspondence between the cockpit crew and the air traffic controller. Correspondence between cockpit crew and the controller are conceivable because of moving of data in information connection and radio. The connection of information decreases the possibility of misconception data between the ground controllers and cockpit crew on the other hand, the radio permits the ground controller to verify the pilot’s understanding and in the event of listening to wrong data, the direction will be transmitted in an alternate structure.
Lastly. Recommendations for improvements in communication in aviation, the use of (SCAD) are a very useful. Therefore utilizing a framework to trade the data and information between the flight and the air traffic controller is vital in future advancement. Utilizing the satellite correspondence and a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) framework is needed for withdrawing information. The SCADA framework with incorporated control will assist to keep all advanced data and have the capacity to exchange information and files to diverse associations. The computerized data then might be transformed for further choice in Ground Control Management. As more than enough and right data is utilized for preparing, the best and the correct choice will be taken. SCADA is a structure that gathers information and data from many different standards of resource. In such circumstance sensors could be introduced in every aircraft to interpret all information to a focal area or processor for managing and withdrawal of paramount information. The best preference of SCADA is that it can consequently work without individual impedance thereby decreasing the danger of an individual failure. SCADA boost up the proficiency of getting information. This will reduce the measure of hazard that an aircraft could be in danger of. It empowers to gather information naturally and guarantee the right data being imparted and serves to decrease the amount of erroneous data that could be imparted by any aircraft organization. Morlet et al projected “the use of new advances, for example, satellite frameworks for information transmit and correspondence in flying. They brought up that the satellite correspondences will handle incredible achievement in transport administrators, for example, planes, ships, and trains. Presented utilizing expansive band satellite correspondence framework for administration in teams of aeronautical situations.” Radzik proposed a framework plan for get to in air nautical provisions utilizing the same satellite connections as prompt inspiration of satellite interchanges for ground traffic control. The satellite framework permits imparting of data in the flight framework. In this manner, air movement controllers can accept more terrific understanding into administration, while pilots are answerable for staying off the beaten path of other flights. They called attention to that utilizing distinctive advances for diverse flight stages is essential in future. Thusly, in view of the past studies, a proposal is recommended for development of avionics framework administration.
The aviation industry is expanding and even when there are many aircrafts accidents which are mostly due to miscommunication between the cockpit crew and air traffic controller. Communication is one of the vital things that aircraft requires when it is in service as without communication the aircraft is blinded, miscommunication could even make things worse which would ultimately end up with a catastrophic event and so it is necessary that correct measurements has to taken to improve communication by using Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCAD) and proper air traffic management. This change has to be carried out immediately and the result will be visible in the changes that have been made. Also requires more research on this idea and attempt more to reduce the aircraft crashes by vast number.
In conclusion the communication is very important human factor which leads to many aircraft crashes and incidents while cruising and on ground. Therefore everyone in the aviation sector is obliged to have good communication skills, and should implement steps to reduce miscommunication.
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