Article 1: Profit pussy

Among the most popular male toys are the wide variety of vibrating pussy and ass replicas. Many a voluptuous porn star has sat for hours wrapped in plaster while a mold is made of every fold, every wrinkle of her delectable pussy and ass. The result is an authentic replication for the purpose of the male toys industry. Molded in a variety of favourite positions including missionary, jackhammer, and doggy, manufacturers are currently competing with one another to produce the most realistic artificial skin coverings to make these male toys every bit as pleasurable as real sex.
CyberSkin, RealSkin, Futorotic, Loveskin, these replica skin brands claim to have made male toys products so authentic and life like that if you close your eyes you can’t tell the difference between the artificial skin and the real thing – which is quite a claim.
Among the legion of porn starlets to lend their sex charged privates to the male toys industry are Jessica Drake, Linn Thomas, Tiffany Minx, Inari Vach, Alexis Amore, Jesse Capelli, Nicole Sheridan, Lacey Duvalle, Aimee Sweet…the list goes on.
It’s a tribute and strong indicator of the sheer depth and multibillion dollar maturity of the male toys market that all of these and many more starlets can enjoy profits from the sale of their own name male toys.

Male Toy

Article 2: Toys for boys

Forget model trains, forget remote controlled helicopters, men have discovered there’s a whole new range of male toys to play with. Like all the best male toys of course, many of them require batteries to make them go. We’re talking about male toys for sex. The choice used to be so boring and predictable. A blow up doll or a cock ring. But since the advance of the internet and the power of micro marketing, the male toy market in relation to sex has skyrocketed.
Today there is a simply staggering range of choice. Cock rings, pocket pussies, penis pumps, masturbators, penis extenders, blow job machines, ass and pussy replicas, naughty blow up dolls in a wide variety of poses and with three fully mountable orifices. Just the male masturbator section alone on some male toy websites can run to over ten pages. The names are different, but the concept is the same, a soft, silicone lined pouch or pussy into which you insert your throbbing manhood to bring yourself to arousing climax. And seeing as 95% of the male market masturbate regularly, marketeers have finally cottoned on to the massive sales potential for male toys and especially for these…shall we say, tools.
No doubt about it, you can get more pleasure in half an hour from these male toys than you can in a whole day with a train set.

Penis Sleeve

Article 3: Weapons of mass stimulation

At its most basic the penis sleeve is a stretchy rubber overcoat for the cock, designed to give either an extra inch or two, or a tantalising tickle. But that’s only the beginning. Many penis sleeves come armed with nodules and intricate veining which give both partners plenty of penis sleeve stimulation.
It really is a case of choose your weapon. The I-Play Mr Tickler comes fully armed with super soft nodules on the helmet that tickle the clitoris during lovemaking.
There are penis sleeves with beads that create an extra shockwave with every stroke. The Clit Banger does just what it says on the pack. Slide it on, slide it into her, turn it on and the batteries give the clit a vibratory workout she will never forget.
Then there’s the pretty radical new approach to the penis sleeve of the Organic Spiral. Wrap this band around your cock and it stimulates the erection and creates extra sensations during intercourse.
But some guys like penis sleeves for extra size and scope. There are stretchy penis sleeve extensions worn on the cock that can add an extra two inches of authentic feeling pulsing penis power, then you can not only add the inches, but pick a penis sleeve that adds extra dimension of size and love tickles to the package as well. And last, but by no means least, there’s the equivalent of the string vest for your pecker. Slip on this web like penis sleeve and this particular string vest will be the sexiest thing she’s ever experienced.

Male Masturbation Techniques

Article 4: From soup to nuts

The ways of pleasuring the penis are many and various. Man has had centuries to develop male masturbation techniques, but it is perhaps only in the last century that they have, to coin a phrase, come on strong.
In truth, most men are pretty basic in their approach, just wanting to get the job done quickly and aggressively with a rapid stroking movement of the loose fist, the hand made more slippery with a bit of lube. But while effective, this technique is but an hors d’ouevre in the pleasurable world of male masturbation techniques.
Without having to resort to paying for a male masturbator online, a little imagination can more than suffice. If you like the humping male masturbation technique, you can lube up a sandwich bag, insert it under a pillow, push down and pump to a full and climax. If sensory male masturbation techniques are your turn on, try this added tweak to the traditional loose fist method. At the moment of climax grab ice in one hand while you hold your hot cock in the other. The twin sensations of hot and cold intensifies the orgasm.
Or if you have the balls for it, try this; while rubbing your balls, press your thumb against the base of the penis and rub the penis base in circles. The closer you are to climax, the faster you rub. NOTE: to get the most from this male masturbation technique you need to be REALLY horny and not have cum in at least 24 hours. However this technique ALONE can make you cum about three times more powerfully.

Male Masturbation Videos

Article 5: Look and learn

There are ‘how to’s’ on everything these days, and that even extends to male masturbation videos. The internet provides fully for those that like nothing better than to sit back and watch others indulge in some expert monkey spanking.
Male masturbation videos are a particular favourite among the gay community because they can watch mutual male masturbation – the act of one guy masturbating another. In fact 75% of the gay community will happily admit to owning at least one or two male masturbation titles, and they are frequently given a viewing during parties where it quickly becomes a case of ‘monkey see, monkey do!’
Until the internet came along, male masturbation videos, were a deeply taboo subject only found hidden under the counter in dingy dark windowed porno stores or viewable in the hidden recesses and backstreets of capital cities across the US and Europe. Now they proliferate proudly and can even be viewed on You Tube. The genie is well and truly out of the bottle.
For the keen anthropological observer, most male masturbation videos show the whole action from start through to finish, in fact it’s one form of video entertainment guaranteed to finish with a rousing and very messy climax!
One male masturbation video star, Scott Johnson, a good looking strawberry haired gay stud, has a series of successful videos where for a fee, you get to watch him masturbate in public places where he could very easily get caught a la George Michael. The double thrill of the dare and the deed is a huge turn on for the largely gay fan base that follow his frisky exploits.

Male Masturbate

Article 6: Rock and rhythm

Sex and drugs and rock and roll have always been very comfortable bedfellows. Many a rock God is famous for the number of groupies he has beguiled and bedded. But it’s not often you get to hear male masturbate stories emerge from behind the doors of the 5 star-suites where rock stars love to have a thrash. Believe it or not, many a rock star prefers a male masturbate session to an actual groupie encounter. After all, your cock is not going to turn around and sue you afterwards, nor spill the beans on your performance or priapic endowment to the press.
So it is has come to pass that for members of legendary British rock band Status Quo, who have been around all the major rock and roll circuits of the planet for decades, a group male masturbate session is the sex experience of choice.
Seated in plush hotel suites with a gaggle of gorgeous groupies sniffing coke and in various states of undress, this band nonetheless prefer to male masturbate en masse while watching pay per view blue movies. In fact the girls trying to get in on the action are viewed as nothing but a nuisance. This, you might think, would be a story shared in an intimate male masturbate bonding session deep in the Alaskan wilderness, but no, this tale was recounted brazenly with the lead guitarist’s arm draped casually around his wife aboard a luxury yacht. Army wives have to get used to their husbands going to war. It seems rock and roll wives have to get used to their husband’s male masturbate tour stories.

Male Masturbation Tips

Article 7: Top Monkey Grip Tips

Here are 3 sure fire favourites designed to get you fully aroused and coming like a steam train. Try these male masturbation tips for your next secret session.

Male Masturbation Tip 1: The Rosy Palm

Don’t worry, there are no thorns with this male masturbation technique. Using your favourite brand of lubrication, rub the tip of your penis head against the palm of your other hand. The pressure of the penis head against your hand will result in a powerful orgasm.

Male Masturbation Tip 2: The Finger Blowjob

You can realistically simulate the feeling of lips sliding over your penis head with this male masturbation tip: lube yourself and hold your erect penis in one hand. Then put your dominant hand’s index and middle fingers together to form an ‘O’, with your palm turned upward toward your face right in front of the penis head. With this male masturbation tip, you then push your penis into the gap between the fingers. Make sure your fingers are relaxed and loose. Now pull back and repeat rhythmically over and over the top third of your cock. The fingers conform to the penis’s contour as they slide over the head and back and mimic a blow job with surprising realism.

Male Masturbation Tip 3: Stop & Go

This male masturbation tip will have you blowing big time! Start as usual – but right before you ejaculate, STOP! Put your hands behind your head, so you don’t ejaculate. Let your erection get just a little soft, and then start again, and once again, right before you ejaculate, STOP. If you do this at least four times, not only will it prolong your session greatly, it will make you ejaculate a lot more semen.

Sex Masturbate

Article 8: Idle hands

The topic of sex masturbate always arouses strong debate among practitioners and the few pent up and frustrated non practitioners. Recently, a lady wrote into Yahoo Questions seeking enlightment on her continual sex masturbate problem. She said she had recently split up with her boyfriend and found herself having sex masturbate sessions frequently. Too frequently. Like several times a day, and she would even sex masturbate while watching blue movies. She wanted to know what to do.
The answers from most in the sexually relaxed male camp said sex masturbate sessions were healthy, nothing wrong, carry on. If it feels good do it. The best cure for temptation is to yield to it. Others blamed it on hormones and said the sex masturbate sessions would no doubt settle down after a while.
Then there was the angry brigade, lead mainly by self righteous ladies of virtue, high morals and absolutely no hanky panky. ‘You are disgusting, and you have too much time on your hands, (presumably no pun intended) Get off your bed and get a job.’ Then another ‘You did not say you are a prostitute with all your sleazy sex masturbate sessions, but you probably are.’ Another writes ‘Pray for forgiveness, this is the devil making work for idle hands.’ And one lady was so completely baffled by anyone actually enjoying regular sex masturbate sessions that she said ‘I think you need to see a doctor urgently.’ Ironically, in ties of old, doctors actually used to charge a fee to sex masturbate females in a state of ‘female hysteria.’

Male Masterbation

Article 9: Born again hard

Male masterbation inspires hot debate whenever its penile head is raised over the parapet.
It is a religious hot potato, which, even in the age of the internet, shows no signs of abating. Masterbating abating? Not in our life time.
Many see the main religious problem with male masterbation not so much in the act itself as the ensuing lustful thoughts that inevitably accompanies male masterbation. One particularly heinous outrage to many practicing Christians is the use of hard core pornography to stimulate, titillate and cause sexual arousal. The definition of lust, which emanates from Greek, is of a sinful longing, and male masterbation is therefore interpreted as sinful carnal desire.
Conversely, some Christians claim they can successfully indulge in male masterbation without ‘coveting their neighbors ass’ so to speak. In other words they are stimulated purely by the enjoyable sensations stirred within their own bodies without having to rely upon those sinful pornographic images to aid a male masterbation session.
Masturbating without lust causes no end of Christian confusion and dilemma for men who seriously attempt to obey the teachings of their faith. But then again, isn’t masterbating without lust like driving without an engine?
Of course many try to excuse the habit of male masterbation by claiming it is safer than risking an STD or an unwanted and forbidden pregnancy outside of marriage.
The truth is, even without male masterbation, there would still be plenty of sin.

Masturbation Techniques

Article 10: When Masturbation Techniques Go Bad

There are many masturbation techniques applied by monkey spanking experts that produce explosive orgasms and much satisfaction. Conversely there are several situations where certain masturbations techniques have gone badly and sadly, not to say embarrassingly awry.
Did you hear about the man who fancied a little midnight masturbation technique in the dark and unwittingly seized his wife’s instant tanning lotion for lubrication? When the next morning his hand and his cock had turned deep orange there could be no doubt that this poor guy had been caught quite literally red handed.
Another painful example of poor masturbation technique is that of a gay couple who arrived at the Emergency Medical Department of their local hospital one night with their swollen red members almost literally on fire. They had opted to experiment with Deep Heat ointment, a liniment brand designed for deep tissue massage to relieve back pain. Man, that stuff burns!
On another occasion, in a classic case of poor masturbation technique, a young man and his friend were sharing a spot of mutual masturbation. All was fine until one of them, in the throes of climaxing, fell off the end of his bed and broke his right arm. The other guy had to call his mom out of work to take him to the hospital. How, one wonders, did they explain that one away?
And then there was the hapless boy who found himself alone in the school shower room after sports practice. He inexplicably decided it was a good time to practice his masturbation technique. He turned toward the wall and began to enjoy himself. Then he really began to enjoy himself. So much so that he had not noticed half his team mates had assembled behind him and were admiring his handiwork. No wonder they say the most important organ to use while practicing your masturbation technique is your ears!

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