Throughout many years the issue of Globalization has been around and has only been uprising to a broader term. Globalization has impacted everyone from Europe too North America, everyone around the Globe. However, even though the term globalization in modern times is distinct from what it may have been years ago, it has still been around. One country in particular that has been coming more into familiarity with globalization is Canada and many Canadians have debated whether globalization is good or bad for the country. By definition globalization is the growth to a global or worldwide scale. Globalization describes an ongoing process by which regional economies, societies and cultural have become integrated through a globe – spanning network of communication and trade. The term also refers equally to political, social, cultural, and environmental interdependence. Within the political aspect, globalization means that the governments are increasingly implicated in events that occur well beyond their own borders. When looking at the cultural aspect, globalization can mean the connection between us and learning other cultures by traveling and learning other languages. The Term globalization has many meaning to it but this is because it is a very important factor that has and will continue to affects us all. Globalization affecting everyone around the globe, and Canada is no exception. Communication technology is only improving in our time and will continue to do so in Canada especially. More Canadians are getting use to the new forms of keeping in touch with each other. Lastly, over the past 20 years Canada has been benefited from globalization politically, economically and culturally through the infinite opportunities and new life style we have been adapting to.

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Globalization by definition refers to the process of increased interconnectedness among countries around the world, which is noticeable mainly through the areas of economics, politics and culture. It is affecting everyone around the globe, and Canada is no exception. Canadians, have been up to date with the latest technology, news updates and are also showing new movies that have been produced and filmed in other countries, in our theatres. When studying and trying to break down globalization it is important to know that there are a variety of aspects to it. The many spheres consist of Globalization and workplace, politic, social, culture and environment. Globalization and Workplace means that many Canadians work for companies with operations in a number of countries around the world. Politics globalization means that governments are increasingly impacted in events that occur well beyond their own boarders. Next we have the Social sphere. The social sphere of globalization means that friendships and family ties extend around the world and that our neighbors come from half a dozen different countries, speak different languages, and worship different religions. An example of this is when Canadians shop they are typically more than likely purchasing things that have been imported from other different countries around the world. The culture sphere is yet another form of globalization. Here it means that some Hollywood movies are as popular in Europe as they are in Los Angeles. The culture sphere also refers to more communication and contact with each other and our cultures, through doing activities such as; vacationing and travelling, reading magazines and books from around the world which also may be in different languages. A modern example of this is when people use Facebook. Facebook allows us to keep in touch with each other from around the globe. Lastly, is the environment sphere. We are increasingly aware that how we use natural resources-air, water, land, minerals, trees, and fish – in one corner of the world has significant implications for the rest of the planet. For example a quick spread of a disease such as HIV or AIDS, can affect us quickly in any part of the world. (Skinner, 278-280).

As the years go by communication technology has played a vast role in globalization. As described previously globalization is the interconnection between people, countries, around the world. Communication Technology does that exactly, it keeps Canadians and others around the world interconnected through the lasted technology inventions/developments. According to the article “Globalization provides a better life for all” globalization is a beneficial process that has been in our lives through any years. Mainly because of the positive and long term benefit it provides. This includes prosperity, security and enrichment. “It transformed North America from an agrarian to an industrial society and is the primary reason why Canadians enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world”. (Graham, 1-2) This is exactly the form of how Canadians keep in touch with one another and others around the world in modern times. Web sites such as; Facebook, MySpace, Hotmail and so on, are all a much reliable way for Canadians to socialize with friends and as well as find out the latest news about events occurring within the country and outside. An example of how interconnect Canadians have become through the years is the fact that one in four of them having Facebook. “Nearly 8 million Canadians – more than one in four – have a Facebook profile page”. (Sorensen, 1). This is according to a study done by Toronto-based Solutions Research Group. This shows just how Canadians are becoming more and more reliable yet interconnected by the new communication technology, through Facebook a global socializing website. This makes Canadians between the most connected in the global socializing site in the world.

In addition, since there are countless new technologies in the communication field, Canadians are discovering that it is much easier to communicate faster and more efficiently. Some individuals are finding ways to put into practice new communication technologies in a fraction of their lives. For example, students at school are using devices such as scanners, web cameras, and various networks to increase their own interest and skills. In the business and working field society is using devices such as the Internet, e-mail and fax machines to become more productive. Meanwhile the individuals who are at home are using communication technology devices such as television with satellites and cell phones, in an exaggerated way to be entertained.

Globalization has also affected Canada politically, economically, and culturally. Canada has been considered to be a much stable democracy; it has been ranked the third most self-governing nation in its democracy index. However because Canada is such a democratic country it is important for the government to use the means of communication to help run the nation whenever there are any issues or in terms of immigration and imports from other countries. Canada has also been known to help out other countries that need help in times of need. An example of this is when the earthquake of January 2010 hit Haiti. The Canadian government sent out thousands of Canadian soldiers and funds to help out Haiti, showing just how politics do play a role in globalization as well.

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Globalization in the economical aspect is the understanding of a worldwide general market, based on the freedom of exchange of goods and resources. The interconnectedness of these markets, however, meant that an economic subside in one area could impact other areas. With globalization, companies can produce goods and services in the lowest cost location. This may cause jobs to be moved to locations that have the lowest wages, least worker protection and lowest health benefits. For manufacturing activities this may cause production to move to areas with the least pollution regulations or worker safety regulations. One Canadian article states the following; “…only those countries that have opened their economies to international trade, capital flows and competitions have experienced economic progress”. (Graham, 1). It is beneficial to the Canadian economy, as well as the world economy, because it is allowing Canadian corporations to spread business around the world, in other countries for cheap and at the same time it allows closure for Canadian made products. Finally, within the cultural aspect of globalization it is evident that here is where mainly everyone can connect with each other not only through communication technology but through the different types of culture. An obvious example of this is when individuals take place when we travel to different countries on vacations and when we practice different cultures in our nation, or learn and speak different languages from other countries and cultures.

Furthermore, once again globalization refers equally to political, economical, social, cultural, and environmental interdependence. It is affecting everyone around the globe, and Canada is no exception. Contact with one another through the new communication technology is only improving in our time and will continue to do so, especially in a country that has high luxury standards like Canada. More Canadians are getting use to the new forms of keeping in touch with each other. Lastly, over the past 20 years Canada has been benefited from globalization politically, economically and culturally through the infinite opportunities and new life style we have been adapting to.

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