Tea plantation in Indonesia gives the strength to the country’s capita. As Indonesia is a developing country, the farmer’s family does not have sufficient nutrition for their family so the life expectancy and income is low. Moreover, the tea export to foreign countries can increase the income of Indonesia, as foreign consumer countries invest their money on food production. “There is scope for increasing per capita consumption in producing countries as they are low compared to traditional import markets.”(Chang, 2015, p.13). The development for the food production can increase if the supplies maintain the quality of the food. Sometimes, they don’t maintain the food quality as they don’t have water and other supplies. However, increasing food availability can also be a loss to the state if the food is not delivered to the markets in a timely fashion and in sufficient quantities. Whereas, GNI, HDI and SDGI are an average for measurement of development, I think the relationships between food production and the development of Indonesia is that as the tea demand is high, the price of the tea increases. So, the farmers can have improved wages. This is very important especially for the poorest farmers.

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The producer country is more likely based in the agricultural sector. Some farmers work in decent conditions. Tea plantation in Indonesia gives the strength to the country’s capita. Tea leads the country’s GNI. An increased GNI based on tea production, can make the country rich. Also, the tea production matters for Indonesia because of the quality and quantity of tea it produces. The greater the tea production and the greater the variety of teas grown in Indonesia the more famous the country will be internationally. Tea production can contribute to the consumer country and the GNI of the country can grow as the consumer countries invest their money on tea production. Therefore, Tea production has a significant impact for the farmers who produce tea because of the development of the agriculture sector and the large amount of tea that is exported annually to consumer country.

The indices between Indonesia and Canada of HDI is an enormous difference. HDI value of Indonesia is 0.694, This means that Indonesia is the medium human development range. However, the life expectancy in Indonesia is 69.3 which indicates that the inequality gap between poor and rich is high. There are more people who live in rural areas than in urban areas. Also, if Indonesia keeps on exporting tea it could take some time to become a developed country as the HDI rank is low compared to Canada. The ranking is 116. In contrast, Canada has very high HDI value of 0.926. The average of the life expectancy is 82.5 as Canada is richer than Indonesia. Canada has a very high HDI ranking because the standard of living life is high. Therefore, Indonesia is still improving with the rules and system as it is a developing countries.

The sustainable land for Tea production in Indonesia can expand for the future generation. But, as there are not much resources available in Indonesia since it is a developing country and the value of SDGI is 62.8. Also, health care facilities are not that abundant and Indonesian does not have a strong educational system. There are major concerns about poverty and inequality. There is also concern about land conservation and sustainability. How land use can be managed into the future. While Indonesia’s SDGI is ranked 99, it is quite behind compare to Canada. Because it is developing country, the farming equipment and resources may not be always available, as the government may not be giving the facilities and equipment they need to be successful. Also, the health care facilities are not abundant. This can lead to many Indonesians being caught in a cycle of poverty. In contrast, the SGDI of Canada is 76.8, and the ranking is 20. The food quality is maintained to keep Canadians healthy and meet the health standards of the consumer country. Therefore, Indonesia farmers need to work sustainable and at the same time increase their yields.

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The tea production and development in Indonesia is maintaining the growth of the tea Industry. However, as many Indonesians work closely with experts in order to increase the production and quality of the tea. Farmers are largely improving the productivity. In Canada the food production is naturally reduced due to the cold climate. The food is largely preserved. Therefore, Indonesia will always take time to be among the developed countries. Whereas, GNI, HDI and SDGI of Indonesia will be lower than Canada due all the facilities and benefits. In conclusion, Indonesia is a developing country. It takes time to improve the country’s infrastructure and raise the standard of living, but the responsible production of tea can make many Indonesians rich.



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